solo show – summer edition: david hockney

If you have ever flown over or into Los Angeles in the daytime, you would have noticed the impressive number of pools in backyards of packed neighbourhoods. Black roof tops. Smatterings of greenery. And lots of pale blue sparkling circles and rectangles.


For anyone not familiar, the sight of pool after pool can be pretty awesome. The land of palms and chlorine made a significant impression on British artist David Hockney.


British artist David Hockney began his art journey in 1953 at art school in his hometown. His career has so far spanned sixty years and mediums of painting, printmaking, photography as well as set design. But in celebration of Summer and our Summer Edition blog posts, we look to the early sixties when Hockney visited Los Angeles, California. LA made an impression on the artist. He was instantly drawn to the bright, warm sunlight and the cool waters.


After moving from Britain to California in 1966, Hockney’s work moves directions. It becomes very influenced by his Los Angeles surroundings and highlights his love of pools.

 DavidHockney-StudyofWaterinaPool "Steps With Shadow (Paper Pool 2), 1978Pressed Paper Pulp50 1/2 X 33 1/2 DavidHockney-PictureofaHollywoodSwimmingPool DavidHockney-MidnightPool



David Hockney shares his time still with Britain and Los Angeles, California.


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