solo show – summer edition: matthew carter

I don’t skateboard. (I mean other than standing on my husband’s board and doing a little scooty scoot.) My mom broke her leg skateboarding when I was a baby and the story is part of family lore so…I have always been a bit intimidated to try. But, now that I have had my first broken bone (crossing a street), I am less afraid to try. Skateboarding is on my list of new things to try this summer.


I recently discovered Matthew Carter when I came across the above painting in my on-line wanderings. I saved it. My desire to skateboard is so that I may feel as free as this woman looks, carving along a long strip of pavement feeling the wind blow past. A sweep through Matthew Carter’s gallery of work provided lots of beautiful paintings. After I got past the fact that the painting, City Skater, looks like Jared Leto, I was struck by the atmosphere in Carter’s paintings. Carter’s city streets are beautifully quiet. Like they can be really early on a Sunday morning in the middle of Summer. It makes the city elements – buildings, roads, ramps, less like backgrounds and more like subjects themselves.

MatthewCarter-Skateboarder MatthewCarter-ExpresswaySkater MatthewCarter-CitySkater

matthewcarter-outoftouchleft matthewcarter-outoftouchright



And while it was the skater girl that drew me to Matthew Carter’s artwork, I am loving his car park paintings so hard. I love the shadows and light play. How beautiful he makes the car park.



MatthewCarter-RooftopAccess MatthewCarter-UpperRamp

Matthew Carter lives and works in Auckland, New Zealand.

3 thoughts on “solo show – summer edition: matthew carter

    • Slingshots and Arrows says:

      Free. Exactly Peady. You should join me in my attempts to ‘hop on and roll away’. Gotta start somewhere right?

      • Right!

        I can picture the horrified faces of the kiddos as I go barreling down a ramp at the skate park! Hah!

        That is the stuff of future therapy sessions and tell-all autobiographies, right there! 😀

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