group show – summer edition: on the line

I admit that because I am always looking for ways to be economical and ecological, I dry my laundry on the line all year round. But dang, laundry dried in the summer sun and breeze, has a special je ne sais quois about it. It is most likely that I actually enjoy hanging the laundry in the warm sun. I can take my time and enjoy the zen-ness of it all. Plus, it smells so…summery.


 SadlerWalterDendy-TheLittleLaundress KevinSinnott-Cock AlexColville-WomanwithaWashBasket



EdvardMunch-ClothesOnALineinAsgardstrand DanielGarber  BenRotman-SilenceLaundry  AliceNeel-FireEscape



{top to bottom right to left: Jeffery T Larsen, Yellow and Blue; Sadler Walter Dendy, The Little Laundress; Kevin Sinnott, Cock; Alex Colville, Woman with Wash Basket; Alfred Eistenstaedt, A Woman Hanging Out Laundry; David Shevlino, Hanging Laundry; Edvard Munch, Clothes on a Line in Sgardstrand; Daniel Garber, title unknown; Ben Rotman, Silent Laundry; Alice Neel, Fire Escape; Sze Lau, Hanging Up There; Sarah Dougherty, title unknown}


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