solo show: sara caracristi

Ah summer. One of my favorite things about summer days – having no agenda; Summer days are for milling about and following the whim of the day. Maybe a bike ride. Maybe walking the waterfront. Maybe an ice cream.

If there was an artists work which captures those summer days feeling, it that of Sara Caracristi. Caracristi’s palette is that of gelato. Her brushstrokes, light and breezy. You can just about hear the seagulls, no?


SaraCaracristi-FleaMarketFinds SaraCaracristi-BikeRentals SaraCaracristi-BeachToys SaraCaracristi-BeachParaphernalia SaraCaracristi-SightSeeing SaraCaracristi-HitchingARide

I love the casual action of Caracristi’s subjects – strolling, sipping, soaking up summer. And being elevated voyeuristically above, makes the chaos of her crowds less…chaotic. Her work is in fact, peaceful.


Sara Caracristi lives and works in Halifax, Nova Scotia.


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