group show summer edition: biking

I don’t think bicycles are relegated to being a summer only activity. But if we are being honest, biking in snow or cold temperatures is not so fun. Biking in the summer brings back those awesome childhood memories – wind in your hair, (my childhood was helmetless) riding sometimes in pursuit of something (penny candy) or not, but always with a sense of freedom.


GeoffMcFetridge2 GeoffMcFetridge

AidaPacheva-Amsterdam LilaHerceg-Sister MarcFigueras



AdrianTomine-MotherandSon  CamilaBarreraDaza-CopenhagenGirlsandTheirBikes


{top to bottom, left to right: Toysa (aka Tush Tush), tile unknown; Geoff McFetridge, both titles unknown; Aida Pacheva, Amsterdam; Lila Herceg, Sister; Marc Figueras; Zed1, mural in Amsterdam; Bojana Dimitrovski; Adrian Tomine, Mother and Son; Camila Barrera Daza, Copenhagen Girls and Their Bikes; Jennifer Davis, Get Up and Go





2 thoughts on “group show summer edition: biking

  1. smothermother says:

    i want the Geoff McFetridge’s pieces! and LOVE the mural. especially because of the bikes parked in front of it. hoping the jellybean will finally learn how to ride this summer. just picked up a new to him bike yesterday. wish us luck.

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