group show: summer edition – beaching and surfing

I love the beach. Like, Love LOVE. It is probably because I was born in a Beach city. I sorta think salt water somehow got into my lungs with my first cry and made an intense connection between the sea and me. So, whether its cocobutter smelling hot summer sizzle beach or cool salty fog beach, I am all in. But because it’s summer, let’s bring on the hot sizzle summer beach.

JefferyHein ElizabethLennie-CherryBeach PhilipBarlow-SummerRelations GrayMalin


 And because its rad, we will round out the summer beach group show with surfing.


  JohnHolm CorinnaLuyken-MorningSession

DainaScarola-LiquidSunshine TSHarris-TandemSurfingBenBrough

{top to bottom, left to right: Jeffery Hein, title unknown; Elizabeth Lennie, Cherry Beach; Philip Barlow, Summer Relations; Gray Malin, title unknown; Paul Norwood, End of the Day; Isabel Monteiro, Keramas; John Holm, title unknown; Corinna Luyken, Morning Session; Daina Scarola, Liquid Sunshine; TS Harris, Tandem Surfing; Ben Brough, title unknown



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