solo show summer edition: kevin cyr

Now that I live in laid-back Nova Scotia, summertime is a mix of sweet seaside breeze and mellow sunshine… but once upon a time I lived in the Summer sweaty city of Toronto. (Don’t jump on me Torontonians. I have some mad love for the TDot.)  When I look at the van series by Kevin Cyr, I am brought back to my summers living in Toronto and working in New York.


Visit a big, busy city and your chances of seeing dinged, graffiti decorated vehicles are pretty high. And sure they drive around and make deliveries in the winter. But when I see these super realistic Cyr vehicles, it is as if I am sitting on my Jarvis Street stoop watching the heat rise off the pavement and listening to the honks of horns and the screeching of tires.

KevinCyr-Stanhope KevinCyr-Preston KevinCyr-Lafayette KevinCyr-Koolman KevinCyr-Kingsland KevinCyr-Hausman KevinCyr-Fillmore KevinCyr-Eliot

Themes of commercial enterprise and working class economies in Kevin Cyr’s work are undeniable. What I think is so interesting is how he takes his working class vehicles out of their element, the city, and positions them against a cool, plain background giving them a place of importance. He likens his vehicle paintings to portraits.



Kevin Cyr lives and works in New York.



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