group show – summer edition: ice cream

I scream. You scream. We all…well,  you know. Nothing beats an ice cream on a hot summer day. (Ok. Maybe a lemonade from a cute kid lemonade stand.) And obviously I am not the only one who thinks so – check out this group show of prints, paintings, sculpture from a variety of artists. And all of them feature ice cream.

AndyWarhol-IceCreamDessert 1959


GeorgeSpencer-StrawberrySundae MerlinGerhardKwan-FirstIceCream

IevaBaklane-IceCreamTruck AimeeBeeBrooks

35285 DOUBLE DECKER JoelPenkman

ClaesOldenburg-IceCream in Cologne


BelLinquist-Tiger "Big Ice Cream"  - oil on panel - 48" x 26"

{top to bottom, left to right: Andy Warhol, Ice Cream Dessert; John Cooney, It’s Mine; George Spencer, title unknown; Merlin Gerhard Kwan, First Ice Cream; Ieva Baklane, Ice Cream Truck; Aimee Bee Brooks, title unknown; Wayne Thiebaud, Ice Cream; Joel Penkman, title unknown; Claes Oldenburg, Inverted Ice Cream (in Cologne, Germany); Angela Carlsen, Barbe’s Ice Cream Shop; Bel Linquist, Tiger; Mary Ellen Johnston, Big Ice Cream


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