group show summer edition: clouds

Clouds are not Summer specific. There are indeed beautiful clouds in the Autumn, the Winter and the Spring. But the ones in Summer are so perfectly popcorn puffy and white. And because it is so warm and green, you can lie in the grass and spend quality cloud watching time.


 GordonMacDonald-NewGlasgowHighway  EmilyJeffords-ToTheStillness AnnePackard-StormWatch FfionaLewis-CloudIX2010 JaneRovers-FreshenUp PeterRotter-AfterTheStorm OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAAmberaWellmann-Cloud#7

{Tom Thompson, Cottage on a Rocky Shore; Gordon MacDonald, New Glasgow Highway; Emily Jeffords, To The Stillness; Anne Packard, Storm Watch; Ffiona Lewis, Cloud IX; Jane Rovers, Freshen Up; Peter Rotter, After The Storm; Robert Roth, Ocean; Ambera Wellmann, Cloud #7}



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