single installation summer edition – regine ramseier

With my sunscreen and flipflops on, I am excited to announce The Summer Editions. For the weeks of Summer, the posts on Slingshots and Arrows will be Summer inspired. We begin where Summer begins: Dandelions. You know Spring is bursting into Summer when those deeply rooted yellow heads grow long and sprout fluffy little hairdos.

As a kid, I loved blowing Dandelion “puffs”. Those white puffs contained magic, of that I was certain. And now as a adult, it is so fun to see that magic live on in my kids.

Regine Ramseier created a beautiful installation for ArToll 2011. Her one room installation highlighted dandelion magic by strategically placing 2,000 dandelions from the ceiling of a small gallery room.

RegineRamseier-Dandelion1 RegineRamseier-Dandelion2

RegineRamseier-Dandelion4 RegineRamseier-Dandelion3

Now, for those of you who are not Dandelion fans, does this Installation help you warm up to them?


2 thoughts on “single installation summer edition – regine ramseier

  1. smothermother says:

    so pretty. i actually really like seeing the fields of yellow and then fluffy white. and they are early food for the bees. i for one am a big fan.

    • Slingshots and Arrows says:

      Agreed. I am a fan too. This year I actually began incorporating the young greens in salads and wilting them in pasta and pizza. YUM!

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