colour show: fuschia and black

Anytime is the right time to feature one of my favorite colour combinations – fuschia and black, but I think it is especially appropriate right now as bright peonies and roses prepare to show their glory. Truly, this combination looks great no matter the content, I love the two colours paired with some glorious abstraction.


SadaPark ClaireDesJardins-ShiftControl ErinAshley-SweetEmotion TrinePanum-WeMeetintheMiddle JenniferSanchez SarahBoytsYoder-MagentaBun



 {top down, left to right: Christa Hartmann; Sada Park; Claire DesJardins, Shift Control; Erin Ashley, Sweet Emotion; Trine Panum, We Meet in the Middle; Jennifer Sanchez; Sarah Boyts Yodder, Magenta Bun; Fede Saenz; Georgina Vinsun, Meredith


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