On Collections

My first ever art purchase was made at a student work art show back in 2001. It was a soft sculpture of twenty “blades of grass” that stand up all together in a square formation. I found it delightful. I still do. Since that time, there have been a few other art purchases: small ceramic pieces, art dolls, paintings, photographs, and prints. And slowly, an inadvertent art collection began.

Here’s the thing, I have a love / hate relationship with the term(s) collection / collector / collecting. Those terms can so easily reek of the amassing of things. No soul. No passion. But when looking around my house, it is apparent that I am indeed a collector. Heart rocks. Wish rock pebbles. Old keys. Art.

art hearts pottery

{an artist-run centre fundraiser portrait, four of my favorite heart rocks framed, a trucking vase from Anne Pryde, a vase from Warshana}

I really love looking around my space and seeing beautiful pieces my husband and I have collected. And that is the key – each piece is chosen from a true place of appreciation. Even if the ‘collection’ grows and becomes spread all over, each piece remains special and valuable. At least to us.

Four Simple Tips To Starting Your Own Art Collection

1. Buy slow.

If art and craft are a new thing for you, start by getting out there: galleries, museums, craft shows, artist-run centres, open studio tours. Read blogs and get art connected on Social Media. Read some art books. Watch some documentaries about artists. (I also highly recommend the documentary Herb and Dorothy.) Make a purchase only when you are smitten.

2. Buy only within your budget

You don’t need a big budget. My first “grass” purchase was made for around $25. Visit local galleries and craft shops often. Get on the mailing list of those shops as well as virtual galleries (like Tiny Showcase or 20 x 200). Go to art fairs and craft shows. Follow your favorite artists on Social Media. Start an art purchase jar.

3. Buy only what you can showcase

I love a good decor switch up. Always have. But I don’t have a big house or additional storage space. So my wall and shelf space is what I have to display my favorite treasures. I have a few hidden spaces for small switch ups but mostly what I have, is out for all to enjoy.

4. (And most importantly) Buy only what you love.

This is a biggie. Life is short. Enjoy your art. Don’t waste time on art that doesn’t make you happy, delighted, amazed, turned on, engaged, wowed, full, satiated, understood.






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