group show: buns

You know that adorable top bun the character Holly Golightly sports in Breakfast at Tiffany’s? I can’t make my hair do that if it killed me. My hair is too fine, too short, too straight to pull off that look. So instead, I appreciate the artful way some can pile and roll up their hair and the way others can make gorgeous art featuring those piles.

KarolineKroiB-GirlWithPatternedShirt KarolineKroiB-Tanja



TrulsEspedal-TheWhiteCloth MaryJaneAnsell KarenOffutt-TakingitAllIn HiroshiGoto

KerryJamesMarshallBoBartlett-Commonwealth FredericLeighton-AGirl


 {Karoline KroiB, Girl with Patterned Shirt; Karoline KroiB, Tanja; Anouk VanKalmthout, title unknown; Erin Fitzpatrick, Sarah; Truls Espedal, The White Cloth; Mary Jane Ansell, title unknown; Karen Offutt, Taking It All In; Hiroshi Goto, title unknown; Kerry James Marshall, title unknown; Bo Bartlett, Commonwealth; Frederic Leighton, A Girl; Clare Elsaessler, Northern River; Elizabeth Mayville, Top Knot 24}


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