solo show: betsy walton

I was in my garden almost all of this past weekend. It was first fully sunny and warm full two day weekend we have this year. It was completely glorious. It made my heart sing. It seems like a totally appropriate time to highlight Betsy Walton because her artwork is like a great day in the garden: you feel connected and sun kissed, you are soul filled, and tired in the most delightful way.


BetsyWalton1 BetsyWalton-SpringCloud

BetsyWalton-ThreeHousesintheField BetsyWalton-LightingtheFire BetsyWalton-GamePiece

I love the play of soothing pastels and warm, if not electric, pops of colour in Walton’s paintings. I also love that her work is both rooted and ethereal. Plus I always love a good mix of washy paint and pen/pencil drawing.

BetsyWalton-TwoTeas BetsyWalton BetsyWalton-OldandNew BetsyWalton-IWillNotForgetYou


Betsy Walton lives and works in Portland, Oregon.



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