group show – whales

I have had the pleasure of seeing whales out in the wild. I saw Pilot whales off the coast of Cape Breton and California Grey Whales off the coast of California. Both experiences were truly awesome. The latest news story of two separate whales washing ashore in two Newfoundland towns makes me very sad. Instead of being crushed by ice, I want to believe that they were old and they just closed their eyes surrounded by their whale loved ones.


LiselJaneAshlock AnnaMagruder BethBillupsTangledStudio-TheSilentCommotionoftheSea



MichelleMorin-WhaleCollection JackLWinnJr.-0hanaNoWater



{top to bottom, left to right: Elly MacKay, Counterpoint; Lisel Jane Ashlock; Anna Magruder; Beth Billups / Tangled Studio, The Silent Commotion of the Sea; James and Catherine Folk Art, Jonah and the Whale; Diana Fayt Ceramics; Michelle Morin, Whale Collection; Jack L. Winn, Jr., Ohana (Whale Family); Tristin Lowe, Mocha Dick; Adrian Villar Rojas, My Family Dead}



7 thoughts on “group show – whales

  1. This is amazing! I love whales. This collection of art is beautiful!

    Sad for the NL whales. Blue Whales! Enormous.

    I am glad that the ROM is making use of the skeleton. A positive twist on a sad story.

    Delightful post!

    • Slingshots and Arrows says:

      Thank you Peady. I too am glad about the ROM taking a whale and I heard that a University in Canada – MUN? – is taking one as well.

      • I am glad they’ll both get put to good use! Memorial would make sense, yes. Probably MUN.

        I really enjoy your blog.

        I feel like I get out to a show or gallery when I swing by. 😀

      • Slingshots and Arrows says:

        That is great Peady “I feel like I get out to a show when I swing by.” In the future I plan to do group outings to artist studios and galleries and perhaps you can join in.

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