group show: mommas and babies

I could not let my first Mother’s Day curating this blog go without a group show of motherly love. When I think of mothers and children in art, I immediately think of Mary Cassatt. My own Mom likes Mary Cassatt very much and had a number of her Mother and Child prints throughout the house during the years I lived at home. As any Mom could tell you, most days do not look as quiet and serene as the Mary Cassatt image below. Days of motherhood are filled with: “Please finish your dinner”; “Please don’t throw the ball in the house”; “Please help me find your other shoe”; “Please don’t jump on top of all that laundry I just folded”; “Please just give me a minute; I am in the bathroom.” The other side of that chaos are those wonderful moments of surprise snuggles, sweet crayon love notes, and even quiet rocking in the middle of the night. On the other side of that chaos is unending love.

For all the Mommas out there…high fives and hugs, especially to my own Mom.


RickBeerhorst-OurLadyofGrandRapids AmedeoModigliani-GypsyWomanwithBaby AliceNeel-NancyandOlivia


XiPan-MotherandChild #183taglio ShanequaGay-TheProtector


{Mary Cassatt, The Bath; Rick Beerhorst, Our Lady of Grand Rapids; Amedeo Modigliani, Gypsy Woman with Baby; Alice Neel, Nancy and Olivia; Monica Barengo, title unknown; Xi Pan, Mother and Child; Gustav Klimt, Mother and Child; Shanequa Gay, The Protector; Mary Cassatt, Mother’s Kiss}


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