group show: more frida

The last post was about an artist in the past I would most want to meet and spend time with – Frida Khalo. Though Frida was entirely self taught and mostly known for being Diego Rivera’s wife, once she finely got her art out into the world, Frida Khalo’s colourful symbolic paintings turned the heads of many of her contemporaries, like Pablo Picasso and Wassily Kandinsky. Since then, Khalo has captured the hearts and art of many other artists – including a fashion collection for Jean Paul Gaultier.


StephanieLedoux-Diaries   ArmandoMoncada-FridaYLaLuna  Geninne-FridaKhalo   SamiAki-FridaKhalo MontseBernal

MichaelCuffe-Mona Khalo Frida Lisa

Jotashock FabianCiraolo-Frida

{from the top: Maria Kalman, Stephanie Ledoux, Armando Moncada, Geninne, Sami Akl, Montse Bernal, Michael Cuffe, Jotashock, Fabian Ciraolo}


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