solo show: frida khalo

You know the question: If you could spend the day / evening / meal with any artist dead or alive, who would you spend it with? The question was put to me recently. I answered surprisingly quick with Frida Khalo. In celebration of Cinqo de Mayo (Fifth of May), I share with you all a little bit of Frida.

Frida Khalo Rivera {1907-1954} was a Mexican painter most known for her intensely personal and colourful self-portraits. Frida was given a paint set by her photographer father after she was in a terrible streetcar accident that left her in a body cast and bed ridden at the age of sixteen.


Frida Kahlo painted self-portraits because “I am so often alone, because I am the person I know best.”

FridaKahlo-TheTwoFridas1939 FridaKahlo-SelfPortraitLetterTrotskyFridaKahlo-SelfPortraitwithLooseHair  FridaKahlo-SelfPortrait1940

FridaKahlo-SelfPortrait as a TehuanaDiegoonMyMind  FridaKahlo-SelfPortait1940banner

Frida’s life was full of pain, personal and physical, as well as passion. Her chronology is rich with stories of health issues, struggle, love gained, love lost, and then gained again. Frida wore her heart on her sleeve, or more, on her canvases. She painted her life – the good and the bad. I love her duality.

If Frida and I were to spend a day together, I would hope we would eat some yummy Mexican food. Perhaps we would sit in her courtyard amongst the bougenvillia. Frida would most likely have it wrapped throughout the braids on her head. She would most likely wear traditional Tehuantepec clothing. I would just want to sit and listen to her talk about her life – her parents strange union, her being raised by a wetnurse, the polio, the accident, her politics, her painting, finding her art world, finding Diego.

Andre Breton once said that Frida Kahlo’s painting “is like a ribbon around a bomb”. I love that description. It accurately describes this wild and passionate woman’s beautifully intense artwork.


For more Frida, read this great article from Smithsonian Magazine.


2 thoughts on “solo show: frida khalo

  1. This is a perfect post for Cinco de Mayo! I love her work and she is certainly a very interesting person. Living with pain is horrible! Life changing. Awful. I love that description of ribbon wrapped around a bomb. Perfect.

    Happy Cinco de Mayo!

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