solo show: shirley trevena

I love stumbling upon an artwork work and having no idea who the artist is or even what the medium is. And then you discover a body of delightful work by an adorable British woman and are captivated by her techniques and hairdo.


Working inside the often hemmed in and precise umbrella of watercolour still life, Shirley Trevena presses against all those edges to create a loose and lovely take on tradition. Trevana has a beautiful sense of layering and space. I also love how her brushstrokes and markings, like splatters and drips, seem a bit like planned chaos. {Truth be told, she had me with the drips in the above mixed media work. In artwork, I am a sucker for a good drip.}

ShirleyTravena-StillLifeonaRedWhiteStripedCloth ShirleyTravena-TheMagicVase ShirleyTravena-SunsetatRauffet

ShirleyTravena-QuinceBlueChina ShirleyTravena-SmallSunshine

ShirleyTravena-PinkTeapotFruit ShirelyTravena-GreenGrapesPencils


 Shirley Trevena lives and works in England.







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