group show: deep under

One beautiful summer day when I was ten, my older brother taught me to body surf.  The big lesson was how to get out past the break to catch the perfect swell. Dive deep under. Many more summer days were spent ducking, diving, and riding waves. And then, during a Winter beach party, I ventured out again. Alone. No big brother. No lifeguards. Just little me and a big undertow. This undertow took me down over and over and over. I was able to come up only long enough to take a quick breath and catch sight of a new, even larger wave coming at me.


 {Katsushika Hokusai, The Great Wave at Kanagawa}

Something completely amazing happened in those seas that day for me. I hope one day to be brave enough to put it into words. For now, I share this group show about diving under and struggling to come up.


YukoShimizu-ZenSeries2image3 YukoShimizu-ZenSeries2


SamathaFrench-ThreeFeetBelow ScoutCuomo-LithiaSprings


{Laura Saunders, Faye Heads Above Water; Yuko Shimizu, two images from Zen Series 2; Elizabeth Lennie, Free Floating; Samantha French, Three Feet Below; Scout Cuomo, Lithia Springs; Arturo Samaniego, Emerge}



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