group show: seedling

I think can speak for most of Canada if not North America when I say that Spring couldn’t have come soon enough. I think we were all beginning to get a little edgy. Or perhaps I am just speaking for me.{Funnily, as I write this the cold rain is falling sideways. Ugh. But it’s not snow!} Being a garden enthusiast whose last year’s season was cut prematurely short with a broken ankle early fall, I am itching to get my hands back in the dirt. ITCHING. So with hopeful optimism, I started my seeds a few weeks ago and in the past few days, I have been watching them poke their little heads out of the soil. Hello Spring! Hello seedling and edible plant group show.



JoannaClose-Bisfor JoannaClose-VeggieMix JoanneClose-Fisfor

ClaudiaPearson-greenmarketherbs ClaudiaPearson-greenmarkettomatoes


from the top {Yelena Bryksenkova, Solitude; Junyi Wu, unknown title; 3 postcards by Joanna Close; Claudia Pearson, Green Market Herbs & Green Market Tomatoes; Caterina Bianchetti, unknown title}


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