group show: tea

Tea – you either do or you don’t. I do. Heck yes, I do. It has been a particularly gross icey rain snow mix week of grossness here in Halifax, so tea has been on auto repeat. It warms my bones and keeps me from going bananas. Even this collection of tea related works makes me feel more serene. Ah the power of a good cuppa tea.


OlgaAntonova-SilverTeapotonBlueFloral  ElizabethZanzinger

MiyukiSakai-ChineseTea TabithaEmma


Paolo Quaresima

{Catherine Campbell, Tea with Kolo; Olga Antonova, Silver Teapot on Blue Floral; Elizabeth Zanzinger, Coffee or Tea; Miyuki Sakai, Chinese Tea; Tabitha Emma Bray, Like Tea; Duane Keiser, unknown title; Paolo Quaresima, unknown title}

There is no trouble so great or grave that cannot be much diminished by a nice cup of tea. ~ Bernard-Paul Heroux




{Kimino Kayoko, Every Morning; Barbara Baldi Bargiggia, unknown title, Rebecca Green, Percy and Mildred}

To close out the show, here are some lovely images from Molly Hatch’s exhibition Mimesis {2010} at The Clay Studio, Philadelphia. I enjoy a tea cup printed with an image of a tea cup.

MollyHatch-CupDisplay MollyHatch-CuponCupDetail

MollyHatch12 MollyHatch18 MollyHatch20 MollyHatch24



4 thoughts on “group show: tea

    • Slingshots and Arrows says:

      Thank you Peady. I had the same problem writing it – I just wanted to make pot after pot of tea. Julie – get the some mint tea! It usually cures what ails.

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