solo show: guy catling

I wear a couple of hats in life. One hat, is that of a collections assistant for a military museum. While I have Collections Management training, I took the position with slim to none military background. The job was and is a loud and far cry from all my other museum and gallery work. I quickly saw however, that my love of stories would allow me access to a world I had yet to explore. I do get a special thrill though when my love for art cleverly rubs up against my “work” {military} life. I am drawn to it immediately. It is just another way for me to explore military themes.

GuyCatling-TheGarden GuyCatling - #2Collage GuyCatling-Protect GuyCatling-Peace

For me, these images soften the harsh realities of war, bringing colour to a subject many see as black and white.

Guy Caitling lives and works as a graphic designer in Essex, United Kingdom

 GuyCatling3 GuyCatling2

 GuyCatling-PatternPeople#3 GuyCatling-PatternPeople#2


Don’t these chaps look lovely in pattern?



2 thoughts on “solo show: guy catling

    • Slingshots and Arrows says:

      Well Linda, that is the beauty of art and the free world. We can create. And people either like it or don’t. Some of us see beauty. Some of us don’t. Isn’t that wonderful? If we all saw the same things and liked the same things our world would be terribly boring.

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