colour show: blue and white

The first grownup “for my apartment” purchase I ever made, was a set of two dinner and two salad plates – white with a blue rim and blue stars all over. The blue and white combination felt very mature and sophisticated, like Delft pottery seen in coffee table decor magazines. (The stars? Well, they were a nineties-celestial-cool thing.) Even though I am over blue and white as a colour scheme for my home, I still love this combination’s classic and refined nature, especially in contemporary art. I love that push past the hemmed in patterning Chinese or Delft ceramics, the frolick within tradition.

aitch-blue1  aitch-blue3  aitch-blue4

Above: The artwork of Aitch from the show Garden of Good and Evil (with Saddo).


krisknight  zacharilogan-gotohelldetail



Above: Livia Marin, Nomad Pattern, Kris Knight, Ivory; Zachari Logan, Go To Hell (detail); Naomi Okubo, Boredom;  Lei Xue, Drinking Tea

Below: Georgia O’Keefe, Blue Line; Anton Marrast, Nothing Happens; Drew Mosley, Follow Me; Tran Nguyen, Bedridden Mementos

georgiaokeefe-blueline antonmarrast-simplefigures drewmosley-followme



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