solo show: mati rose

Choose Joy.

I am currently repeating this mantra.

I think I have finally found peace in the one and half hours of hell a four year old tantrum can throw at your evening. And so, out with the movie and knitting, and in with the mantra.


I find joy in many artworks and artists, but tonight the word joy brought to mind the work of Mati Rose. It might be the flowers or the feathers. It might be the sailboats. It might be birds or the colourful raindrops. It might just be that the art of Mati Rose is joyful. Accessible joy. Uncomplicated joy. Happy songbirds and lucky elephants joy. I can’t help but think of a mentor or two from my art past who would balk at my liking certain art just because it was joyful or made me feel joy. I remember feeling stupid. But here is what I know now: Really good art turns us on; It turns us from ‘off’ to ‘on’. It can be with a sweet soft glow. It can be with an intense lightening jolt. It can be with an irritating flashing bare bulb. When we are ‘on’, we are engaged. And feeling. Something. Anything. And sometimes, that joyful, cheerful, happy art is just the antidote we need to life – screaming toddler or not.

MatiRose-FullSail MatiRose-FeatherPowerTeal

MatiRose_unknown MatiRose-Nap

MatiRose-TwinPeople MatiRose-GoNow

Mati Rose lives and works in Berkeley, California.


2 thoughts on “solo show: mati rose

  1. smothermother says:

    Oh my gosh! the orange flower wallpaper in the first work is from my childhood. it made me exclaim out loud! joy indeed.

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