group show: beards

Trending news: beards are the new mustaches. Thankfully, you can’t isolate the beard and put it on a pillow (a la the mustache on every. little. thing.) And as with most trends, we will surely all tire of the beard soon but for now, a little scratchy, wooly, fluffy, beardy group show.

One of my favorite beards is that of the The Postman by Vincent Van Gogh. I saw it in person at the Art Gallery of Ontario during the Barnes Collection Exhibit in 1994. I loved it immediately. While I had studied many notable works of art featuring beautiful facial hair, they were often very dark and foreboding. The Postman, with his wavy facial locks in a pretty reds, blues and light browns, decked in his shiny brass buttoned pea coat, earned a special, cheery place in my art heart.


{Vincent VanGogh, The Postman}

Beards have long since been associated with lumberjacks, fishermen, and carnies.

EllaMasters-WithCTattoo SamCaldwell-Beardy BrandonLoving-BearBeard

{Ella Masters, With C Tattoo; Sam Caldwell, Beardy; Brandon Loving, Bear Beard}

And emotionally tough, brooding thinkers.


{Frank Duveneck, Portrait of a Bearded Man with Arms Folded}

Instead, I thought I would feature a sweet little collection of what I might classify as happy beards.


JayDart-HeadInTheCloud  jay dart -GeistPortrait-aquamarine

AaronSmith-Blower AaronSmith-Pother

AkiraBeard-ThoreauHomage  AkiraBeard-WaltWhitman

Cheery beard works: Olaf Hajek, Nature Man & African Nature Man; Jay Dart, Head in the Cloud & Geist Portrait (Aquamarine); Aaron Smith, Blower & Pother; Akira Beard, Thoreau Homage & Walt Whitman}

And because Spring is now officially here and many winter beard growth may be shorn, I leave you with this lovely illustration from Lizzy Stewart, Nature Boy



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