group show: the back

Once upon a time, I had cable accidentally. This accident provided me with my introduction to the PBS programme Sister Wendy. All these many years later, I remember this tiny nun describing a nude torso with such passion. The way she said “the baaack” which such strong emphasis that it made my roomates and I hysterical for weeks. I can’t see back torsos in art without hearing her voice saying “the baaaack”. This group show is dedicated to Sister Wendy. Thanks for the giggles.


clareelsaesser-undress  JeremyLipking-Antique Chair  

diegorivera-untitled-studyforGermination ElizabethGorek_reflection 

Giorgos Rorris-mirror 


{top to bottom, left to right: Alberto Macone, unknown title; Clare Elsaesser, Undress; Jeremy Lipking, Antique Chair; Diego Rivera, Untitled; Elizabeth Gorek, Reflection; Yiorgos Rorris, Mirror;  Pauli Luoma, On the Sofa; Lu Cong, Ophelia

Editor’s note: I know. I know. I only featured paintings of women’s backs. But there were just so darn many gorgeous works of lady backs. Just so its all fair, at some point I will look at lovely man backs.

Treat yourself to a cup of tea and You Tube some Sister Wendy


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