group show: ice ice baby

I am seriously ready to say goodbye to Winter. So ready. It has been a long one. Recovering from a broken ankle means I have not been able to participate in any winter sports (which helps with winter enjoyment) and means I am a nervous ninny on any surface other than pavement. So I am ready to pack up the boots, the parka, the shovel and say goodbye. And as a farewell, I offer a celebration of monumental proportions with a group show of chilly, beautiful, awe inspiring ice.

Let’s start with a perfectly gorgeous Canadian classic, Lawren Harris, Icebergs Davis Strait 1930.


Camille Seaman’s artful documentary photographic body of work of the shifting landscape Antarctica. Her work really showcases the majestic and magnetic power of icebergs.

Illustrator Sophie Blackall’s charming icebergs with soft lines and soft sherbert colours

Jeremy Miranda’s dreamy and enchanting acrylic paintings.

I love Leslie Shows’s beautiful black & pink take on the cool subject matter.

Troy Moth’s gorgeous & sexy photographs of glacier ice. Yup I did. Glacier Ice. Sexy.


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