group show: knitty

It is winter in these here parts. Make and eat soup, catch up on television series, drink pots of tea, hunker down and watch the snow fall kind of winter. Perfect for knitting. And a knitting group show.


RoyLichtenstein-ball of twine

Albert Anker-girlknittingmummysam-knitknitfloatmarycassatt-younggirlknitting



{top to bottom, left to right: Shepard Fairy, Close Knit; Roy Lichtenstein, Ball of Twine;  Albert Anker, Girl Knitting; MummySam, Knit Knit Float; Mary Cassatt, Young Girl Knitting; Cristina Barsony, Winter Time; Karl Albert Buehr, Young Girl Knitting}

And I couldn’t have a knitting themed group show without showcasing some yarn bombing. Hopefully you have had the pleasure of coming across some yarn or knit bombing in your neck of the woods? It is just so delightful. Showcased below is the yarn bombing art of Magda Sayeg.

MagaSayeg-bus MagdaSayeg-trees Magda Sayeg - trees Magda Sayeg - telephone Magda Sayeg - legwarmer

Finally I must post a photo of this lovely bike yarn bombed by its owner and written about on her blog. It is such a sweet lookin’ ride.



2 thoughts on “group show: knitty

  1. smothermother says:

    we had some yarn bombing in Vanier last winter. It was a lovely bust of colour in an otherwise dreary winter landscape. need to see more of that.

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