solo show: leah giberson

Here in Halifax were are in the middle of Winter. In many wintery lands, come mid February, hearts and thoughts wander South. As we don our down coats for the gajillionth time, we yearn to feel heat and sun on our skin. But if travelling South is not in the works, Leah Giberson’s paintings just might do the trick.


{top to bottom: Airstream Gold, Still Covered, Garden Chairs, Rear View}

Giberson’s paintings often take place in quiet and spacious neighbourhoods. They beautifully incorporate forlorn vintage objects and patterns, with buoyant citrus colours and refreshing blues, cool shadows with heat reflective surfaces. And while I pick up on the undertones of sadness, loneliness, and boredom, Leah Giberson’s body of work makes me crave days of reading by a pool sipping iced tea in the dry heat of the American Southwest.

Leah Giberson is based in Boston, Massachusetts.


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