group show: making out

Today is Valentine’s Day and while I don’t really subscribe to this Hallmark holiday, I think it is perfect day for a group show about making out. (But really, isn’t everyday a perfect day for making out art?)



AndaraSanchezAnguiano-fromTakeOffYourClothes kaethebutcher-howmanysecretsToulouseLautrec-InBed,TheKiss ClareElsaesser-November

Mehrdad Zaeri-titleunknown


EgonSchiele-TwoGirls francisbacon-twofiguresatawindow

{from the top left to right: Auguste Rodin, The Eternal Idol; Tracey Emin, I Woke Up; Andara Sanchez Anguiano, from Take Off Your Clothes; Kaethe Butcher, How Many SecretsHenri de Toulouse Lautrec, In Bed,The Kiss; Clare Elsaesser, November; Mehrdad Zaeri, title unknown; Loui Jover, Young Love and Passion; Egon Schiele, Two Girls; Francis Bacon, Two Figures At A Window} might just feel like this…


{Banksy, Love Sick}


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